Transfer Switch Testing

Service Rated Transfer Switch Testing
We can service your manual and automatic transfer switches, including service entrance rated transfer switches.

Weather your system has a manual or an automatic transfer switch, it should be tested regularly to verify the function of the switch. Most Automatic switches have a small battery that needs to be replaced every 5 years or so. Automatic switches also often have exerciser clocks that trigger the unit to run for a given period of time at a regular interval. This is a great feature to ensure your unit is running regularly. Engines that sit without running for long periods of time are prone to problems.

Our service includes inspecting the switch, testing the switch, verifying the exerciser clock is working, checking the wire connections. We can reset the clock on most switches to exercise at a time that is convenient to you. Service rated transfer switch testing comes standard with our Annual Generator Service or can be offered separately.

As a best practice we would also recommend that you include our Power Failure Simulation Test to ensure that all aspects of the system are functioning together.

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