Generator Service

diesel generator maintenance
We provide generator service in Oregon. This includes diesel generator maintenance, emergency generator maintenance, and routine generator service contracts.

The best way to ensure that your emergency power system will be available when you need it is regular diesel generator maintenance. Like any engine, if it sits too long problems can develop. All components need to be functioning properly in order to ensure the generator will start and power will transfer in the event of a power outage. The costs of emergency generator maintenance are minimal compared to the costs of losing power. Whether its loss of data, loss of orders, or loss of food in freezers, downtime costs money.

Power Systems Plus offers all the services you need to make sure your emergency system is ready. Often these services are required to be in compliance with Building and Fire Code Standards (NFPA 110). We recommend at minimum our Annual Service be performed once per year.

Generator Service Contract

Whether you are responsible for 1 generator or a fleet of 30, we can provide a comprehensive maintenance plan for annual services.  Depending on the needs for your site and the criticality of your operation we can create a plan to work for you. Our best 1 year preventative maintenance program consists of:

    • Annual Service
    • Semi-annual Service
    • 1.5 hour Load Test, annually
    • Engine Fluid Sample Analysis
    • Transfer Switch Service
    • Power Failure Simulation Test, annually
    • UPS Service, annually, if applicable
    • Thermographic Scan

Annual Service Rates

Generator Size Annual Gen. Service NFPA 110 Rate Semi-Annual Gen. Service
Up to 10kW $425.00 $524.00 $325.00
11 to 25kW $485.00 $584.00 $385.00
26 to 75kW $525.00 $624.00 $425.00
76 to 150kW $585.00 $684.00 $485.00
151 to 250kW $650.00 $749.00 $550.00
251 to 300kW $700.00 $799.00 $600.00

A discount of $175.00 will be given on annual services if customer brings unit to shop. Anything over 301kW requires an estimate. Semi-Annual does not include oil or filter. Prices listed are quoted for services within a 50 mile radius of Cornelius, 97113. Services outside of this range may accrue additional travel fees.

We offer a 45 point inspection and preventive maintenance plan for your generator needs. Our Annual Service Inspection includes the following, with the replacement of oil and fuel filters, (additional fee applies for air filter replacement) full oil change and coolant check/refill.  Our inspection includes the following items:

  • Battery Connections, Level, Charger, and Cables
  • Alternator Output
  • Fuel and Water Level
  • AC Voltage and Cable Connections
  • Gauges
  • Belts
  • Coolant Level, System Hoses, and Freeze Point
  • Oil Pressure Shutdown
  • High Temperature Shutdown
  • Over crank Shutdown
  • Over speed Shutdown
  • Low Fuel and Battery Warning
  • Failure to Start Warning
  • Not-In Auto Warning
  • Oil, Water, and Fuel Filters
  • Change Oil
  • Top off coolant
  • Exhaust System
  • Oil Level
  • Air Filter
  • Oil Pressure
  • Water Temperature

Load Bank Rates

Generator Size 1 Hour 1.5 Hour 4 Hour
1 to 100kW $325.00 $425.00 $925.00
101 to 300kW $400.00 $500.00 $1000.00
301 to 500kW $475.00 $575.00 $1075.00
501 to 1000kW $550.00 $650.00 $1150.00

For every additional hour of load testing, add $200.00.

*For generators over 300kW that are 208 Volts, a special quote is required.

*For generators larger than 1,000kW, please contact us for an estimate

Uninterruptible Power Systems Rates

Batteries Rate
0 to 10 $365.00
11 to 24 $485.00
25 to 36 $565.00
37 to 48 $665.00
49 to 60 $765.00
61 to 72 $865.00

73 batteries or more will requite an estimate. Prices listed are quoted for services within a 50 mile radius of Cornelius, 97113. Services outside this range may accrue additional travel fees.

Contact us today for a quote on maintaining your emergency power systems 503-357-3839.