Winco PTO Generator 45PTOC-17 Home Residence Business Farm Three Phase 120/240V 45,000 Watt


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The 45PTOC has been providing a reliable emergency power source for agricultural operations for decades. The incredibly durable PTO generator has saved time, money and material by supplying critical power when needed. Each WINCO PTO generator is designed using the highest quality components and the best workmanship available to ensure no critical corners are cut. Attention is paid to the most obvious exterior features like the steel PTO guard as to the internal components that most operators will never see such as the high temp wire. WINCO PTO’s have been proven in the field over time which is why they are the only model you should trust to protect your business and family.

Generator Construction

  • 100% copper windings
  • Heavy duty bar and ring shell
  • Rotating field brush type
  • Buck boost transformer improves motor starting over generators with AVR’s
  • Dedicated windings
  • Class H insulation
  • Maintenance-free bearings

Gear Box

  • Cast iron gear case
    • Line bored as mated pair to within 3/1000th inch
  • Helical gears
  • Optional 1000 RPM gear case available
  • 540 RPM 1 3/8″ splined¬†input shaft

Other Features

  • Large voltmeter makes adjustments from the tractor quick and easy
  • Full power Anderson receptacle
  • Full power Anderson plug ships with the generator
  • Receptacle cover lip protects the generators from the elements
  • Steel PTO guard
  • Ground lug
  • Lifting eye
  • Square D circuit breakers


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Power Rating-Cont (watts) 45000
Voltage 120/240 3-PH
Amps Cont. 1.0 PF (0.8 PF 3-PH)) 138 (111); 135 (108)
Receptacles 2xNEMA 5-20R (120V)
1xNEMA 6-50R (240V)
Full Power Receptacle
Full Power Receptacle Included
Full Power Plug (Included) Anderson Connector
Recomended Tractor PTO HP 90
PTO Input Speed 540 (1000 opt.) RPM
Motor Starting 25 hp
Weight 558
Warranty 3 yrs


Additional information

Weight 558 lbs