Winco DR20I4 Liquid Cooled 20kW Industrial Standby or Prime Power Isuzu Diesel Generator

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Since 1927 Winco has set the standard for high quality generators that provide superior value over their useful life. The Winco Packaged Standby System (PSS) is an emergency standby generator that is capable of automatically providing emergency power to your home or business. Every year Americans lose billions of dollars to property damage, personal injury and lost productivity during power failures. Are you willing to risk your family or business? A Winco standby generator is the best investment you can make to protect the things that matter most to you. A dollar spent in prevention can save the heartache and permanent loss that power outages create. There are several choices for standby emergency generators and at first glance the specification sheets look similar. At Winco we believe that the most important features are often the details that get overlooked. We carefully select each piece of our emergency generators so that when it matters the most, Winco will keep the lights on.

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